My first Blog entry at Pluralsight

by Matt Milner 6. May 2005 14:48
This is the obligatory first Blog entry to introduce myself.  Before I do however, I want to say how excited I am to be joining the team at Pluralsight.  I'm blown away by the amount of knowledge and experience on this team of incredible individuals and look forward to many great experiences working with such a talented group of individuals. 
For my part, I will be focusing on BizTalk Server primarily, as that is what I have been working on for the last few years.  However, I have been working with .Net since the beginning and feel strongly in having a core understanding of .Net in order to be solid at other products that build on it.  So, you'll be seeing posts here on ASP.Net, Indigo and Web Services.  In addition, I love all of the advances coming out of the SQL Server team and will be doing my best to keep active in that arena as well.  There are many opportunities for SQL and BizTalk collaboration, and many people asking when to use the features of BizTalk and when to use SQL's tools.  I'll try to address some of those issues.  Finally, since InfoPath is such an awesome client tool for BizTalk Server, I'll be delving into that arena at times too. 
My experiences have been primarily as a consultant building enterprise applications with .Net and the Microsoft Windows Server System.  Over the last few years, that has led me to focus on BizTalk Server for enterprise integration and automation of business processes. I focus primarily on messaging and orchestration as well as Business Rules and BAM.  I think we have a great offering at Pluralsight in our Applied BizTalk Server course that truly prepares developers for working with BizTalk Server 2004.  This course dovetails nicely with our Web Services and XML courses to really build out the .Net developers toolkit around building applications and services. 


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