Upcoming events

by Matt Milner 10. May 2005 09:12
I've got a couple of fun events coming up in the next month that I hope people will be able to join in on.  At the end of May, I'm going to be speaking at DevCon 2005 which is a central region developers' conference focused on Visual Studio 2005.  Topics include the new Visual Studio Team System, ASP.Net, Smart Client application development and SQL Server 2005 for developers.
I'll be presenting in Minneapolis (June 1) and Omaha (June 2) on the Unit Testing, Code Coverage and Code Analysis features of Team System. 
Check out the link below for more details:
The next week I'll be traveling to what I hope is SUNNY, Orlando, Florida to lead a lab on Developing Agile .Net Applications Using the Microsoft Business Rule Engine.  Plan on attending the lab if you want to find out how to leverage this powerful tool in your .Net and BizTalk solutions.  I'll be covering everything from simple rule concepts to get you started as well as some advanced topics to really make it worth while. 
I'll also be doing a cabana session on using ports in orchestrations where we'll talk about all of the various binding options and their tradeoffs and how the various direct binding methods work.  Stop by and chat, this should be a fun interactive session with lots of good conversation, but that will only happen if people attend and speak up! 
Just a note, the last time I checked, the session content on the Tech Ed site was incorrect for the lab but should be getting updated soon.  Just do a search on my name and you should find the Business Rules lab. If you get some other lab, try back in a few days.   


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