Tech Ed 2005

by Matt Milner 15. June 2005 03:38
For me, Tech Ed 2005 was a great experience.  I got to spend some great time with several of the guys from Pluralsight and enjoyed presenting both my cabana session on orchestration port bindings in BizTalk and the instructor led lab on the business rule engine. 
For those that asked, the lab manual and starter solutions are here.  I'll work on getting the finished solutions loaded here soon as well, but most of the work is in the business rule creation anyway and that is covered in the lab manual. 
Also, I have uploaded the solution I used in my cabana talk so people can take a look and get a sense of the different binding and correlation options available when using orchestration ports.  I've included information describing the solution which includes direct, dynamic, and correlated ports as well as role links.  The solutions is not a real world scenario, but shows off the different options for binding ports. 
Enjoy the samples and I hope they are helpful!


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