Windows Workflow Foundation class in Minneapolis (Nov 14 - 17)

by Matt Milner 17. October 2006 10:17
Next month Pluralsight has our first public offering of Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation right in my own town of Minneapolis.  We did a Double Feature with WF and WCF back in August and it was great.  If you are looking for some training on WF, check out the information page and register now "Space is limited" as they say.  
We'll have great hands on labs mixed in with lecture to give you the right balance of concepts with experience.  Hope to see you there. 
Minneapolis not convenient for you?  Leave a comment as to where you would like to see us do public Workflow courses.  Boston?  Dallas?  Seattle? Denver?  Atlanta?  Vegas?  :)  If we get enough interest for a location, we'll get a course up and running and I'll be sure to announce it here. 


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