Info on changes in the BRE between BizTalk 2004 and 2006

by Matt Milner 24. October 2006 04:47
I found this posting the other day and was surprised to find some things in here that I didn't realize had changed.  Not that I should be surprised, it's hard to keep up with a big product like BizTalk.  :) 
Interesting points include a new registry entry that allows you to invoke statics without having to assert the class into the runtime; support for generics; and allowing object traversal.  Unfortunately, the latter item is only available in code, which is a huge bummer since I find this to be one of the most frustrating things with the BRE composer. 
There are several other interesting tidbits so be sure to check it out if you do anything with the BRE in BizTalk.


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