WF Dependency Property snippet is just three letters!

by Matt Milner 25. October 2006 05:46
You might file this under the "it has always been this way and I'm late in figuring it out" category, but I just found the three letter snippet shortcut for Workflow dependency properties and events.  I didn't see this in earlier builds and was getting tired of CTRL+K -> CTRL+X then drilling into the menus to get to Worfklow Dependency property.  Especially since the EventHandler snippet always came first and the way they are worded I had to either move to the cursor keys or type 25+ characters to get it to move down to the property item. 
Now I just WDP + Tab + Tab and I'm happily editing a workflow dependency property. 
Or, I can WDE + Tab + Tab and edit my dependency property for an event handler. 


Windows Workflow Foundation