Minneapolis Roundtable on RIA

by Matt Milner 6. December 2007 21:56

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a roundtable event with some really smart folks from around the Minneapolis area.  Jeff Brand, our local evangelist and .NET sex symbol (self-proclaimed) organized the whole thing and recorded it using a very cool device from Microsoft that came out of their research group.  It is a panning video camera that can react to the voices and capture video of the person speaking.  I think Jeff had some problems getting it working just how he wanted, but it is still pretty cool stuff and I'm sure we'll get it ironed out for future chats. 

Jeff has some posts with the links to download the conversation if you are interested.  Unfortunately, I was in NC at the time teaching a class so I had to participate via phone and Live Meeting.  While it gave me a remote user look at the experience with the Roundtable device, it was less than optimal way to be an active participant in the conversation.  I'm looking forward to the next conversation when I can hopefully be in town. 


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