Disappearing BizTalk Add Generated Items wizard with SQL adapter

by Matt Milner 12. February 2008 22:59

I've run into this in two different places now so I figured it was time to blog about it and hopefully help someone else out since I didn't see much about this on the web when searching.  What I experienced was that when I would try to add a schema for a table in SQL Server, the wizard would get part way through allowing me to configure it, and then it would just disappear (usually when I hit the next button after specifying the select state or when I was about to choose the tables for an updategram) with no errors in the UI or in the event log.  I have seen this in two different cases. 

In the first case, and easiest to fix, I was trying to access tables to create an updategram, but all of the tables names belonged to a schema other than the DBO schema.  Every time I tried to create the updategram, I would say I wanted to do the updategram and then wizard would crash.  In this case, I was able to duplicate the database tables in another database (using scripting of the sql from the sql management tool) and put it in the default namespace.  Then I updated the schema by manually changing the node in the updategram that corresponded to the table name so that it contained the schema name.  After making this change, the updated schema worked fine against the database.  So it seems like the adapter can handle the non-standard schemas at runtime just fine, but not at design time. 

I should note that the above scenario was with BTS 06, not the R2 release.  I haven't determined if this is still an issue in the latest bits. 

The other scenario where I ran into this problem was with a BizTalk solution that had been created in BTS 06 and which I was now opening with BTS 06 R2.  In this situation, I was creating a receive location and after I entered the select statement, the wizard would bail on my with no warnings or errors.  I'm still not sure why this one was happening, but here is what I did to get it working. I created a new empty BizTalk project in a brand new solution and used the wizard to generate the items, which worked fine for some reason.  Then I went back to my old solution and tried again and it worked.  I'm surmising that running the wizard once on a new project allowed the problem to be fixed, some update or reg setting tweaked with the new project type, but I don't really know, it could have been a fluke of some sort for all I know.  The end result is that now my wizard appears to be working fine with new and updated projects. 


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