Applied BTS R2 in the Windy City

by Matt Milner 10. April 2008 09:00

I've been teaching mostly WF and WCF lately, so I'm excited that in a couple of weeks (April 22) I'll be getting a chance to teach our core BizTalk course again in the lovely city of Chicago.  I'm excited because there is a lot of cool stuff for this particular open enrollment. 

1) R2 - need I say more? I will.  We will be using the latest bits to teach the core course from now on so you'll be learning BizTalk Server fundamentals using the latest and greatest version.  This is still a class for developers new to BizTalk, so if you have taken this class, you might be interested in the R2 features class that Jon is teaching in May and August. 

2) Dual Monitors!  Our crack sales team has negotiated dual monitors from the hardware vendor so you'll be able to see the lab manual and Visual Studio each in full screen glory!

3) It's in downtown Chicago right on Wacker Drive near all sorts of cool stuff for the evenings.

4) It's BizTalk and we'll cover all the three letter acronyms (TLA) BRE, BAM, WCF,WSE,ASMX (ok that's four letters), CSV, HAT, PUB (actually a technical term, but maybe where we'll be in the evenings as well), SUB, EAI, ESB, SOA.  I could go on, but you get the picture. 

5) As if all the above are not enough, we have some seats available and the course is in a week and half, so the sales guys are "ready to deal".  Actually, their just ready to cut you some discounts :) , especially if you sign up two or three people together, but even if you are just signing up one developer.  Talk to our fabulous sales team to get more information or register with a discount.  Just tell them you read about it on my blog. 

Hope to see you there, and once I get back from the class, I promise some more technical content.  I've been working on some demos and samples that I'll be posting over the next couple of months. 


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