Upcoming talks and webcast

by Matt Milner 9. June 2008 08:28

I've got a couple of fun talks coming up this month.  First, I'm going to be doing an MSDN webcast on Windows Workflow Foundation - Communication in Depth.  I'm going to dive into the core communication architecture, discuss how some of the OOB activities use it, and how you can build your own activities to take advantage of it.  We'll cover one way communication between the host and the workflow, but we'll also look at how to do two-way communication to get a response back from the workflow. 

The talk information can be found at this link:

Windows Workflow Communication in Depth

This talk is also part of a series where you can find other talks from my friends Jon Flanders and Jesus Rodriguez on other .NET 3.5 topics.  The link for the series is here:



I'm also doing a local talk this month at the Microsoft office if you are in the Minneapolis area.  I'll be talking about building connected systems with WF and WCF for developers and architects.  This will be a good talk if you are interested in these technologies and want to learn more about how to use them to build real applications. 

Event information and registration

I had a great time at Tech Ed and I'm looking forward to the conferences coming up this fall (Minnesota Developers Conference where I'll be doing talks on LINQ and ADO.NET Data Services and Heartland Developers Conference where I'll be talking about BizTalk Services and the "Internet Service Bus"). 


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