Issues with Live Mesh on Windows 7 RC

by Matt Milner 15. May 2009 05:06

I recently took the plunge and upgraded my 64 bit desktop from Vista to Windows 7 RC and for the most part I’ve been very happy with it.  So far the only compatibility issues I’ve had were with some CD / DVD mounting tools and Live Mesh.  I quickly realized how much I’ve come to rely on Live Mesh to keep files in synch between my desktop and laptop.  All of my presentations and writing that I do live on both machines and I have a Tools folder with small utilities like .NET Reflector, Notepad2, etc.  So when Live Mesh kept crashing under Windows 7, I got a little miffed. 

I started by trying to set the compatibility to Vista or Vista Service Pack 1, but that didn’t fix the problem.  I kept getting errors that the Mesh Operating Environment had stopped working and after closing it, it would restart, only to fail again in a few minutes.  So, I did what any self-respecting developer does when they have a problem they can’t fix: I searched the web.  Nothing, no love at all.  I saw a few things about recent updates, which I’d installed already, and some registry hacks for the Win 7 beta, which were already incorporated into later builds of the product.  So finally, I did the only logical thing, I uninstalled Live mesh, logged into and got the installer, and re-installed.  A quick reboot, and all seems well.  So, for those of you out searching the internet for a fix, hopefully this helps you out. 

Of course, this is on My Machine, which is a home built x64 machine with an upgrade from Vista SP 1 to Win 7 RC.  With all that in the mix, your mileage will likely vary.  ;)    


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