Beta version of “Dublin” course published to Plurasight On Demand!

by Matt Milner 12. August 2009 07:17

We’ve recently added a short course on “Dublin” to our subscription-based on demand library.  This is very much an early adopter course using very early bits released last year at the PDC.  The intention is not to provide detailed information on specifics around the technology as those will most definitely change, rather I wanted to provide enough information and detail so developers can figure out “What is Dublin?”. 

The modules provide an overview as well as showing the tools provided by, or built upon by, “Dublin” to deploy and manage your services. 

Hopefully, these early look modules are helpful to you as a developer as you prepare for the next wave of connected systems technologies from Microsoft.  As “Dublin” reaches further milestones such as Beta  and Release Candidate status, I will be updating the course, and adding more content to round it out with deeper detail. 



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