My Tech Ed Presentations

by Matt Milner 14. May 2007 06:01
I'm excited to be presenting at the upcoming Tech Ed 2007 event in Orlando next month.  I'm doing two different sessions for the Connected Systems Division (SOA track); one on BizTalk R2 and one on Windows Workflow.  If you are heading to Tech Ed, I hope you'll join me if the topics interest you (which presumably they do or you wouldn't be reading this blog!). 
SOA317 - Building Connected Systems on the Microsoft .NET Framework Using the Windows Communication Foundation Adapter in BizTalk Server 2006 R2
Tuesday, 8:30 AM
Deep Dive Chalk talk to follow at 10:15 in the Blue Theater
SOA223 - Custom Activities with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation: A Developer's Primer
Monday, 4:45 PM


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