Slides and Demos from Heartland Developers Conference

by Matt Milner 21. October 2008 06:48

I had the pleasure of presenting at both the Minneapolis and Omaha Heartland Developers Conference this year.  This is a great conference in the central region where national and regional speakers participate to create a great conference offering.  I did a presentation on BizTalk Services in both cities and the slides and demos have been posted so you can download and play with those.  You'll need to setup a account and update the configuration files with your username and password.  The SDK is also available on the site when you sign up for an account. 


In Omaha, I also did a presentation on Windows PowerShell for .NET Developers.  In addition to the slides and the sample cmdlet, I've included my PowerShell profile with the functions showing some usage of script to convert Word and PowerPoint files to XPS or PDF and the zip related functions (thanks to David Aiken for the originals). 


Finally, the IIS Snap-in that I showed with the provider can be downloaded from  This only works with IIS 7 on Vista or Server 2008. 


For those that attended, I hope you enjoyed the talks and have fun with the samples.  For those that didn't, check out HDC next year! 


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