Sample Activity - Call BizTalk Rules

by Matt Milner 2. November 2006 18:56
I have been looking at scenarios involving Workflow and BizTalk and figured a good place to start was with Rules integration.  If you have rules already defined in the BizTalk BRE, then you should be able to take advantage of them from a Workflow instead of trying to translate all of those rules into the WF rules engine. 
The BRE activity allows you to reuse your investment in the BizTalk BRE be configuring and executing policies from your workflow.  It contains a custom activity designer that queries information about the policy/facts and builds a dynamic set of properties so that you can configure the facts right on the activity and use databinding. 
This is definitely a sample but works with my simple tests.  I have not added support for data connection or data row/table facts, but it should be easy enough for someone to add those into the designer. 
Hopefully this will be useful for some of you.  Any feedback is welcome. 
Grab the code here.


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